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how to breed bettaOne in the most important tools which you need before starting your betta aquarium is water conditioner. This can be a must for any aquarium because the chlorine and chemicals in normal plain tap water is very damaging to fish, especially betta fish and the water must be kept at a specific pH level in order for your betta to survive. This means that you have to add water conditioner which you can pay for any good store every time you change water.

Once this really is done, anyone can add some extras in your tank. When placing plants within your aquarium, you must always try and use either real plants or silk leaf plants because plastic plants can harm the betta fish. They can rip and tear the fins along with the tails of prepare betta fish breeding tank fish. If you are not sure, then run your plant in the leg of the stocking and when it tears the stocking, this should NOT be placed in the tank.

So if you might have ever been considering breeding Betta Fish and have always procrastinate because it's too cold for half of the year then think again. There are simple, inexpensive ways to construct a Betta Fish breeding area that will decrease your electricity needs yet still keep your Bettas warm and toasty in an environment that produces them thrilled to breed.

Over the past twenty or thirty years, Betta fish are getting to be increasingly popular pets in not simply the United States (its keep popularity of late has really boomed) but also all over the world. Our finned friends have begun to become popular big-time, but most people don't know where these little guys originated in. The colorful, beautiful fish we keep as pets today have a very history, and that of a history it can be. In fact, the Betta fish of 150+ years back wouldn't be recognizable because same species today. Have I got you curious? Ready to learn the mysteries behind that beauty swimming back and forth in their 10 galllon tank on the desk? Alright, here we go!

So first of all, in case your summer climate is perfect for breeding Bettas then why do you want to breed in the coldest part of the year anyway? Well for a start, breeding Betta Fish is surely an indoor activity. So if you like to get out and about and enjoy the outdoors throughout the summer then having a breeding tank full of Betta fry, which are dependant on you because of their survival, may inhibit your lifestyle. After all most people do like to take their holidays during the summer. During the winter though it is mostly cold and miserable outside so using an indoor activity to keep you busy could be just the thing to have you from the winter. Another great basis for breeding Betta Fish during the winter is that if you happen to be the only breeder within your area breeding during this period then you won't have just as much competition if this come to selling your Bettas.

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